Arave Reunion 2016

Arave Reunion 2016

So much fun! Thank you, everyone!

Happy Fathers Day 2016

Mackenzie Ballet Recital

Mackenzie Ballet Recital

Cum Sancto Spiritu!

The Art of Boundaries

Some great and fascinating commentary by Michael Otterson of Church public affairs.

Touches on many of the highlight topics of Church and societal interaction.

Temple Square w/ Molly & Tyler

Temple Square w/ Molly & Tyler

Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing

We Need More Civility

A great excerpt:

"I also decided never to make anyone else feel as I had felt: marginalized, stupid, diminished, humiliated, a hater. I learned I wanted to not satirize, criticize anyone who did not agree with me. I would have a voice, but it would be a voice of love, looking for the good in others." (around 17:30)

Easter 2016

Easter 2016

Thanks Be To God

Dallin's Birthday v7

Dallin Birthday v7

Alaura's Birthday v3

Alaura Birthday v3

Mackenzie's Birthday v5

Mackenzie Birthday v5

A Devoted Son

I love this devoted son. What a great gratitude he shows for the blessing of good parents.

The Virtuous Cycle of Dialogue

Helping those who don’t belong to a church understand religion and its motives is more likely to come about (though it’s not guaranteed) if people of faith not only know what they believe and why they believe it but also explain that belief so clearly that their witness cannot be misunderstood. And this will hopefully lead to what one writer calls a “virtuous cycle of dialogue and the hard work of forging real understanding and enduring agreements.”[3] Yet truly understanding religion goes far beyond description of belief; it’s more about relationships, good works and the trust that comes from good conduct.