5th Day of Christmas: An Original Christmas Song About Jesus

From lovely Alaura

Inside Out Trailer 2

The 2nd Pixar trailer is always so much better than the first.

4th Day of Christmas: Snow is Falling

Our best snow dance for you, Anne.

3rd Day of Christmas: Still, Still, Still

Especially for my mom.

2nd Day of Christmas: Once There Was a Snowman

And how appropriate, considering it's our first snowman day of the season!

Some Great Memories of Dads

Dad, thanks for being all these good things and more to me.

And don't tell your mother... :P

1st Day of Christmas 2015: Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Brought to you by a loving mother and her beautiful children.

Angels from Realms of Glory

And behind the scenes video...

Comfort and Greatness

The love of comfort is frequently the enemy of greatness.

O Come, Emmanuel

Make it Snow

lol :D

The Force Awakens

The Voice of Angels

From heav'n in answer, rang...

Mary, Did You Know?

Discovered Pentatonix a couple weeks ago. From what I've heard, they are very talented and the music is good so far.

A Heavenly Experience