An Citied Amazonia

The remains date back 3000 years or more, say the authors, [...] both pioneers of the idea that the Amazon has long been modified by humans.

From Myth of pristine Amazon rainforest busted as old cities reappear

It's Happening

He Lives

Kid Sweetness

Kid Sweetness

Ballet, Ballet, All the Way Home

Tribulation Precedes the Glory

If I obtain the glory which I have in view, I expect to wade through much tribulation.

Joseph Smith, as quoted in Defending the Faith: Did Joseph Smith take the easy path?

Peter McConnell and Grim

The inspiring Peter McConnell shares of his influences and inspiration for some of the great tunes of Grim Fandango. Great show.

New Apostles Meet the Media

Elder Scott's Beautiful Funeral Services

A Bunch of Beautiful Ballerinas

I Wanted Some Chips, Dallin!

Dancing Rabble

A God of Miracles - by Dallin

His primary talk today.

A God of Miracles - by Alaura

Alaura giving Dallin's talk

Did Jesus Really Live Again?

Yes, when the 3rd day came!